NFL Designs

NFLPA Designs

16oz_PeytonManning(NFL-I-16-PMAN-WRA)  16oz_TroyPolamalu(NFL-I-16-TPOL-WRA)  16oz_TomBrady(NFL-I-16-TBRA-WRA)  16oz_RobertGriffin(NFL-I-16-RGRI-WRA)  16oz_JJWatt(NFL-I-16-JWAT-WRA)  16oz_EliManning(NFL-I-16-EMAN-WRA)  16oz_DrewBrees(NFL-I-16-DBRE-WRA)  16oz_DeMarcusWare(NFL-I-16-DWAR-WRA)  16oz_ColinKaepernick(NFL-I-16-CKAE-WRA)  16oz_AndrewLuck(NFL-I-16-ALUC-WRA)  16oz_AaronRogers(NFL-I-16-AROD-WRA)


Super Bowl 47 Designs

16oz_Superbowl_Generic_2013(NFL-I-16-SB47-WRA)  24oz_Superbowl_Generic_2013(NFL-I-24-SB47-WRA)  16oz_SB47_BaltimoreRavens_Champs(NFL-I-16-SBBAL-WRA)  24oz_SB47_BaltimoreRavens_Champs(NFL-I-24-SBBAL-WRA)  16oz_RvnsVS49ers_SB47DT(NFL-I-16-SBBASF-WRA)  24oz_RvnsVS49ers_SB47DT(NFL-I-24-SBBASF-WRA)  16oz_SB47_BaltimoreRavens_MardiGras(NFL-I-16-AFCBAL-WRA)  24oz_SB47_BaltimoreRavens_MardiGras(NFL-I-24-AFCBAL-WRA)  16oz_SB47_SanFran_49ers_MardiGras(NFL-I-16-NFCSF-WRA)  24oz_SB47_SanFran_49ers_MardiGras(NFL-I-24-NFCSF-WRA)  24oz_RvnsVS49ers_NolaDT(NFL-I-24-DTBASF-WRA)  24oz_RvnsVS49ers_NolaDT(NFL-I-24-DTBASF-WRA)


Arizona Cardinals

16oz_Cardinals(NFL-I-16-ARIZC-WRA)  24oz_Arizona-Cardinals(NFL-I-24-ARIZC-WRA)  P9_Cardinals(NFL-I-25-ARIZ-WRAD)

Atlanta Falcons

16oz_Falcons(NFL-I-16-ATLC-WRA)  24oz_Falcons(NFL-I-24-ATLC-WRA)  P9_Falcons(NFL-I-25-ATLA-WRAD)


Baltimore Ravens

16oz_Ravens(NFL-I-16-BALC-WRA)  24oz_Ravens(NFL-I-24-BALC-WRA)  P9_Ravens(WRAD-25-NFL-BALT)


Carolina Panthers

16oz_Panthers(NFL-I-16-CARC-WRA)  24oz_Panthers(NFL-I-24-CARC-WRA)  P9_Panthers(NFL-I-25-CARO-WRAD)


Chicago Bears

16oz_Bears(NFL-I-16-CHICC-WRA)  24oz_Bears(NFL-I-24-CHICC-WRA)  P9_Bears(NFL-I-25-CHIC-WRAD)


Cincinnati Bengals

16oz_Bengals(NFL-I-16-CINCC-WRA)  24oz_Bengals(NFL-I-24-CINCC-WRA)  P9_Bengals(NFL-I-25-CINC-WRAD)


Cleveland Browns

16oz_Browns(NFL-I-16-CLEC-WRA)  24oz_Browns(NFL-I-24-CLEC-WRA)  P9_Browns(NFL-I-25-CLEV-WRAD)


Dallas Cowboys

16oz_Cowboys(NFL-I-16-DALC-WRA)  24oz_Cowboys(NFL-I-24-DALC-WRA)  P9_Cowboys(NFL-I-25-DALL-WRAD)

16oz_Cowboys(NFL-I-16-DAL5-WRA)  24oz_Cowboys(NFL-I-24-DAL5-WRA)


Denver Broncos

16oz_Broncos(NFL-I-16-DENC-WRA)  24oz_Broncos(NFL-I-24-DENC-WRA)  P9_Broncos(NFL-I-25-DENV-WRAD)


Detroit Lions

16oz_Lions(NFL-I-16-DETC-WRA)  24oz_Lions(NFL-I-24-DETC-WRA)  P9_Lions(NFL-I-25-DETR-WRAD)


Greenbay Packers

16oz_Packers(NFL-I-16-GRBC-WRA)  24oz_Packers(NFL-I-24-GRBC-WRA)  P9_Packers(NFL-I-25-GRBA-WRAD)


Houston Texas

16oz_Houston_Texans(NFL-I-16-HOUC-WRA)  P9_Texans(NFL-I-25-HOUS-WRAD)


Indianapolis Colts

16oz_Colts(NFL-I-16-INDC-WRA)  24oz_Colts(NFL-I-24-INDC-WRA)  P9_Colts(NFL-I-25-INDI-WRAD)


Jacksonville Jaguars

16oz_Jaguars(NFL-I-16-JACC-WRA)  24oz_Jaguars(NFL-I-24-JACC-WRA)  P9_Jaguars(WRAD-25-NFL-JACK)


Kansas City Chiefs

16oz_Chiefs(NFL-I-16-KANC-WRA)  24oz_Chiefs(NFL-S-16-KANC-WRA)  P9_Chiefs(NFL-I-25-KANC-WRAD)


Miami Dolphins

16oz_Dolphins(NFL-I-16-MIAC-WRA)  24oz_Dolphins(NFL-I-24-MIAC-WRA)  P9_Dolphins(NFL-I-25-MIAM-WRAD)


Minnesota Vikings



New Orleans Saints

16oz_Saints(NFL-I-16-NOLC-WRA)  24oz_Saints(NFL-I-24-NOLC-WRA)  P9_Saints(NFL-I-25-NOLA-WRAD)


New York Giants

16oz_Giants(NFL-I-16-NYGC-WRA)  24oz_Giants(NFL-I-24-NYGC-WRA)  P9_Giants(NFL-I-25-NYG-WRAD)


New York Jets

16oz_Jets(NFL-I-16-NYJC-WRA)  24oz_Jets(NFL-I-24-NYJC-WRA)  P9_Jets(NFL-I-25-NYJ-WRAD)


Oakland Raiders

16oz_Raiders(NFL-I-16-OAKC-WRA)  24oz_Raiders(NFL-I-24-OAKC-WRA)  P9_Raiders(NFL-I-25-OAKL-WRAD)


New England Patriots

16oz_Patriots(NFL-I-16-NENC-WRA)  24oz_Patriots(NFL-I-24-NENC-WRA)  P9_Patriots(NFL-I-25-NENG-WRAD)


Philadelphia Eagles

16oz_Eagles(NFL-I-16-PHIC-WRA)  24oz_Eagles(NFL-I-24-PHIC-WRA)


Pittsburgh Steelers

16oz_Steelers(NFL-I-16-PITTC-WRA)  24oz_Steelers(NFL-I-24-PITTC-WRA)  P9_Steelers(NFL-I-25-PITT-WRAD)

16oz_Steelers6XChamp(NFL-I-16-PIT6-WRA)  24oz_Steelers6XChamp(NFL-I-24-PIT6-WRA)  24oz_Steelers_80(NFL-I-24-PIT80-WRA)


San Francisco 49ers

16oz_49ers(NFL-I-16-SANC-WRA)  24oz_49ers(NFL-I-24-SANC-WRA)  P9_49ers(NFL-I-25-SANF-WRAD)


San Deigo Chargers

16oz_Chargers(NFL-I-16-SDCHC-WRA)  24oz_Chargers(NFL-I-24-SDCHC-WRA)  P9_Chargers(WRAD-25-NFL-SDCH)


Seattle Seahawks

16oz_SeaHawks(NFL-I-16-SEAC-WRA)  24oz_SeaHawks(NFL-I-24-SEAC-WRA)  P9_Seahawks(NFL-I-25-SEAT-WRAD)

16oz_SeattleSeahawks12thMan(NFL-I-16-SEA12-WRA)  24oz_SeattleSeahawks12thMan(NFL-I-24-SEA12-WRA)


St. Loius Rams

16oz_Rams(NFL-I-16-STLC-WRA)  24oz_Rams(NFL-I-24-STLC-WRA)  P9_Rams(NFL-I-25-STLO-WRAD)


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

16oz_Bucs(NFL-I-16-TAMC-WRA)  24oz_Bucs(NFL-I-24-TAMC-WRA)  P9_Bucs(	NFL-I-25-TAM-WRAD)


Tennessee Titans

16oz_TennesseeTitans(NFL-I-16-TENC-WRA)  24oz_Titans(NFL-I-24-TENC-WRA)  P9_Titans(NFL-I-25-TENN-WRAD)


Washington Redskins

16oz_Redskins(NFL-I-16-WASC-WRA)  24oz_Redskins(NFL-I-24-WASC-WRA)  P9_Redskins(NFL-I-25-WASH-WRAD)


My passion for design started back when I opened my first pack of Topps baseball cards at the age of seven. Back then I was a die hard Oakland A’s fan who’s favorite player happened to be Jose Canseco. With each new pack , I would rank them not by price, but on what design was better. Always wishing one day I would be able to create my own. Years later as my collection grew, so did my passion for design. I always found myself looking at posters and billboards thinking that one day I could design them. So when it was my time to go to college I was lucky enough to get accepted into one of the top art schools in the country, Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida.

As fate would have it my sophomore year, Jose Canseco happened to be playing with the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team only 45 mins away in St. Petersburg. So when the team announced a fan fest I had to go. All these years growing up a fan and finally being able to meet him was a opportunity I couldn’t pass up. When the day came, my friends and I drove up to the fan fest eager to meet him. But he and several other players were a no show for the event. As we were leaving I was handed a item that would change my life and start me on a path into the professional sports world. It was a team promotional calendar that reminded me of the way I use to think about those baseball cards when I was seven. I knew that I could of designed a better product then they were handing out.

That night I wrote the team a email saying that “the design was lack luster and boring and I could do better in my sleep, if they needed a hand I was looking for a internship”. Granted that is not your usually email to a sports team, but I wasn’t expecting to get anything in response other then your typical “Thank you for supporting the Rays email” but I got a response saying “that if I thought I was that good, prove it”….. and I did.

Since that email I have have had the fortune of working with several professional sports franchises including the Orlando Magic, Ultimate Fighting Championship and the office of Minor League Baseball creating fond memories and creative designs along the way. Please take the time to look at my portfolio, and feel free to contact me if you have any opportunities for freelance or full time work.


Rusty Morris

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